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Image Upload Without Refreshing Page Using JQUERY, PHP & MYSQL

Image Upload Without Refreshing Page Using JQUERY, PHP & MYSQL

Live picture transfer highlight makes web application more easy to use. With the live transfer, the client can choose and transfer pictures without page invigorate. Likewise, once the picture is transferred the see demonstrates the client which refreshes picture without a route to another page. You can execute live picture transfer include with jQuery without utilizing Ajax or any module.

The live picture transfer is extremely valuable in client board to refresh profile picture. In this instructional exercise, we will demonstrate the live picture transfer and client profile picture refresh usefulness. You’ll figure out how to transfer and refresh picture without page invigorate utilizing jQuery, PHP, and MySQL.

In our case script, we’ll get a specific client information from the MySQL database and demonstrate the client points of interest on the site page. The client can change the profile picture without page revive and their profile picture will be refreshed in the database in a split second.

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