Live Adding Input and Removing fields Using JQuery

Live Adding Input and Removing fields Using JQuery

Live Adding Input and Removing fields Using Jquery

Now and then we have to including dynamic fields in a frame. For satisfy those requirements, we have made a script where you can include numerous fields and expel fields effectively. This script is additionally exceptionally helpful for include numerous qualities in PHP. In this instructional exercise, we will talk about producing input fields on the fly in a frame and present the information field’s an incentive into the database. We have utilized jQuery to make this usefulness short, basic and capable. You can include dynamic fields and expel fields effortlessly. Likewise, you can get the fields an incentive in your PHP script, once the shape is submitted.

If it’s not too much trouble take after the underneath guideline to comprehend our script. Likewise you can see the live demo from the above “Demo” connect and download the full script from the “Download” interface.

Live Demo   Download Source Code


At First include the jQuery library.

See the beneath JavaScript remark lines. Maxfield variable holding the most extreme fields increase numbers, an addButton variable holding the information fields including catch class, wrapper variable holding all info fields parent div class, fieldHTML variable holding new info field HTML code.

Once the “Add field” is clicked, we will check most extreme information fields number. In the event that field counter (x) is not as much as Maxfield, the new info field HTML would be annexed into the fields parent div (wrapper). Likewise, the field counter would be augmented.

Once the “Remove field” is clicked, the parent div of that specific evacuate catch would be expelled. Additionally, the field counter would be decrement.



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