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Load Data Automatically on Page Scroll using jQuery AJAX and PHP

 Automatically on Page Scroll using jQuery AJAX and PHP

Lisenme we have to make dialog on the best way to auto stack information on page powerfully when the client looks over the page by utilizing Ajax Jquery with PHP Script. We have as of now make this sort of instructional exercise on which we have stack information on website page by tapping on the catch, however, in this post, we will stack information on site page when the client has been looking down the page.

For stacking Dynamic information on a page while looking off-site page, when the client has been looking over the page then around then Ajax Event has been fire and it will send a demand to PHP Script for getting information from Mysql table. It will get information from table and change over that information to HTML design and send back to Ajax ask for and it will show on the site page. In this post, we have utilized scroll() occasion of Jquery to flame Ajax ask.

In the first place, we have characterized two div tag, in one label we will show table substance in HTML arrange and in second div label, we will show one catch with content like please hold up.


At that point after we have to go to PHP page and this page has been gotten ask for from Ajax with two variable like breaking point and begin and in view of this variable esteem we will make basic select question which bring information from table and afterward after it will change over into HTML arrange and send back information to Ajax ask for and Ajax ask for will show on website page.



One thought on “Load Data Automatically on Page Scroll using jQuery AJAX and PHP

  1. Me encontré con tu código y me pareció muy bueno, solo que tiene un problema cuando muestras pocos datos, no funciona, es decir en ves de que ponga el botón con el texto “Datos no encontrados” pone el botón con el texto “Espere cargando…”, agradecería que pudieras ayudarme con este problema.

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