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Would you like to test your WordPress site in various programs? Cross Browser Testing is critical while changing WordPress subjects or executing another plan since it causes you ensure that your site looks great on every changed program, screen sizes, working frameworks, and cell phones. In this article, we will demonstrate to you industry standards to effectively test a WordPress site in various programs.

What is Cross Browser Testing?

Cross Browser Testing is a procedure of testing sites over numerous programs, working frameworks, screen sizes, and cell phones to guarantee that your site works effectively on all unique internet browsers.

Why Test a WordPress Site in Different Browsers?

Google Chrome is the most prominent internet browser on the planet with 65% piece of the overall industry on work stations and 57% on cell phones. In any case, different programs like Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Opera are still broadly utilized by a huge number of clients over the world.

Because of an extensive variety of programs, working frameworks, and gadgets, cross program testing has turned into a critical piece of building a site. Cross-program testing causes you give a predictable web involvement to every one of your clients crosswise over various programs, gadgets, and stages.

While every mainstream program act almost indistinguishable when rendering site pages, they all utilization diverse code which implies they may deal with site components uniquely in contrast to time to time.

As a site proprietor, this implies your site may appear to be unique crosswise over programs. Since these are not regular WordPress blunders that are obvious to everybody, you may go a very long time while never thinking about the issue until the point when somebody reports it.

Yet, before we share the rundown of best cross program testing instruments for WordPress, it’s critical to know which programs are prevalent among your clients, so you can coordinate your concentrate in like manner.

How to Find Which Browsers Your Website Visitors Use?

Thinking about the quantity of accessible working frameworks, programs, and program variant mixes, cross program testing can be a dreary undertaking for entrepreneurs.

In any case on the off chance that you know the well known programs, working frameworks, and gadgets that your site guests utilize, at that point you can make the procedure significantly simpler on yourself. Contingent upon your particular details, you might have the capacity to escape with testing just couple of famous blends.

You can discover which programs, working frameworks, and gadgets are well known among your clients by utilizing Google Analytics.

Essentially login to your Google Analytics account and go to Audience » Technology report. From here you can discover data about programs, OS, screen sizes, utilized by your site guests.


When you have this rundown, you can center around the best blends and maintain a strategic distance from the rest.

On the off chance that you are simply beginning a blog or don’t have Google Analytics, at that point we prescribe that you introduce MonsterInsights instantly to appropriately setup Google Analytics. Once introduced, you can either hold up half a month to gather information or continue with testing your site over all programs.

Best Browser Testing Tools for WordPress

Cross program testing devices make it simple for you to test your WordPress site over numerous programs, working frameworks, and gadgets. With only a couple of snaps, you can consequently test your site crosswise over various programs.

The following is the rundown of best cross program testing instruments for WordPress destinations:



Browsershots is an open source instrument that enables you to test your site with a few programs on various working frameworks. The best part about this apparatus is that it’s free. The drawback is that it does exclude Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer. It additionally does exclude cell phone bolster.

To utilize Browsershots, just enter your site URL and afterward select the programs you need to test. Programs are recorded in three segments for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS.

In the wake of presenting your demand, you should hold up a while as it runs the tests and produces a screen capture. When completed, you’ll have the capacity to see the screen captures in agreement. You would now be able to simply ahead and tap on a screen capture to grow it.

Note: BrowserShots takes screen captures of a site which implies it isn’t live-trying. You will most likely be unable to check whether your site fills in as proposed amid the tests. For that, you’ll require instruments that run live tests in genuine programs.

Step 2. CrossBrowserTesting


CrossBrowserTesting is a simple to utilize and profoundly ground-breaking cross-program testing instrument with both live testing and screen captures highlights. This is the apparatus that we use here at Awesome Motive to test our sites like WPBeginner and our premium WordPress modules.

It is a paid administration, however they do offer a free preliminary record with 100 minutes to try out the item.

Subsequent to making your preliminary record, go to the ‘Live Test’ tab where you can choose a working framework and program. It will stack your site URL in the real program seeming live on your screen.

In the event that you’d jump at the chance to rapidly get numerous screen gets on the double, at that point tap on the ‘Screen captures’ tab and run another screen captures test. CrossBrowserTesting instrument will consequently get screen captures on Mac, Windows, iPad, and Nexus 6P cell phone running Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge internet browsers.

It likewise makes reference to design contrasts underneath each screen capture which you can snap to contrast the format and the base format. You can likewise think about various designs next to each other or download all screen captures to your PC.

The free record is somewhat restricted as far as programs and working frameworks mixes that you can run. Notwithstanding, it covers most prominent programs on top versatile and work area stages.

Estimating: Starts from $29 every month charged yearly.

Step 3. BrowserStack


BrowserStack is a paid cross-program and cross-stage testing device for versatile applications and sites. They additionally offer a restricted free preliminary record which gives you a 30-minute access to test their stage.

It accompanies both live testing and screen captures highlights. You can choose the stage you need to test and afterward select a program. BrowserStack will stack the virtual emulator with a real program window. You can basically enter the URL you need to test to begin the test.

The outcomes are truly precise and the speed is very fulfilling. In any case, you should even now play out the tests physically by opening up every program.

Valuing: Starts from $29/month charged yearly.

How to Analyze Cross Browser Test Screenshots?

Since you have taken in the least demanding approach to test your WordPress site in various programs, the following part is to break down your outcomes and check whether there is something broken that needs settling.

On the off chance that you are running a responsive WordPress topic with great quality code behind it, at that point a large portion of your screen captures will appear to be identical.

In any case, at times, site components may appear to be marginally unique starting with one program then onto the next. In the event that this distinction is minor and doesn’t affect client experience, feel, or usefulness, at that point you can overlook it.

Then again, if a distinction is excessively recognizable, influences client encounter, looks unpalatable, or keeps clients from utilizing your site as expected, at that point it needs your consideration.

In many cross-program tests, you will find CSS issues with your topic. This can be settled utilizing Inspect Tool to discover which CSS rules should be refreshed. From that point forward, you can add custom CSS to settle those issues.

In case you can’t settle the issues, at that point you can generally employ a WordPress designer to enable you to settle them.

We trust this article helped you figure out how to effortlessly test a WordPress site in various programs. You may likewise need to see our definitive well ordered guide on enhancing WordPress speed and execution.

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