How do you make a glow space style text effect in photoshop

Space style text effect in photoshop

In this Photoshop instructional exercise, you will figure out how to make a modern space-style content impact, utilizing Photoshop layer styles and a few channels.

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Step by step progress

The font you must need this “Mail Ray Stuff”

Step 1

Create a new document that is 1350 x 1000 px. Set the Foreground shading to #4ea6d0, and the Background shading to #195081. Make a Radial Gradient from the focal point of the record to one of it corners.

Step 2

Set the Foreground shading to #b2ebfc. Go to Filter > Noise > Add Noise. Change the Amount to 5, the Distribution to Gaussian, and check the Monochromatic box.


Step 3

Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur, and change the Radius to 0.3.


Step 4

Make the content utilizing the shading #3684a1, the text style utilized is Mail Ray Stuff, and the size is 450 px.


Step 5

Inner Shadow: Change the shading to #023e63, the Distance to 0, and the Size to 8.

Inner Shadow

External Glow: Change the Blend Mode to Vivid Light, the shading to #72feff, the Size to 10, and the Range to 100%.

Internal Glow

Internal Glow: Change the Blend Mode to Overlay, the shading to #cffcff, the Choke to 10, and the Size to 30.

External Glow

Bevel and Emboss

Bevel and Emboss

Step 6

Press the Ctrl/Command key, and keeping in mind that it’s as yet squeezed, click on the content layer’s thumbnail to make a determination. Make another layer over the content layer and call it “surface”.

text layer

Step 7

Set the Foreground shading to #7fb9ce and the Background shading to #4e6e86, at that point, go to Filter > Render > Clouds. Press Ctrl + D to dispose of the determination a while later.

Step 8

Go to Filter > Artistic > Rough Pastels. Change the Stroke Length to 30, the Stroke Detail to 17, the Texture to Canvas, the Scaling to 115, the Relief to 50, and the Light to Bottom Left.

Step 9

Open the Brush board (Window > Brush), and pick the Star 26 pixels brush. Change the Spacing to half.

Step 10

Pick a delicate round brush, the size ought to be something around 50px and set the Foreground shading to #ffffff (White). Make another layer over all layers and call it “delicate brush”, at that point, change its Blend Mode to Overlay.

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