Learn HTML Tag Attributes | Tutorial

Learn HTML Tag Attributes Tutorial

HTML Tag Attributes

The basic structure of an HTML  includes tags, which surround content and apply meaning to it.

          <title> this is my first claSS</title>
		  <h1> this is h1 block level elements</h1><br>
		  <b>this is for bold letter</b><br>
		  <i>this tag for italic </i><br>
		  <u> this tag for underline</u><br>
		  super script:A<sub>2</sub><br>
		  super script2:H<sup>2</sup>0<br>
		  <big>this tag for big letter</big><br>
		  <small>this tag for small letter</small><br>
		  <ins> this tag for inserted text </ins><br>
		  <del> this tag for delet the text </del><br>
		  <s> this tag for strick the text </s><br>
		  <samp> this is for sample</samp><br>
		  <code> 00989</code><br>
		  <acronym title="HTML">hyper text makerup language </acronym><br>
                  <abbr title="css">Costal style sheet</abbr>	<br>	  


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