The most effective method to Clone a WordPress Site in 7 Easy Steps

clone wordpress

In this article, we will demonstrate to you proper methodologies to effortlessly clone a WordPress site in 7 simple advances.

Step 1. Duplicator Plugin

For this article, we will utilize the Duplicator module. It is a ground-breaking WordPress reinforcement and movement module worked for apprentices and experts alike.

The main thing you have to do is introduce and actuate the Duplicator module. For more points of interest, see our well ordered guide on the most proficient method to introduce a WordPress module.

The module works out of the container, and you can begin utilizing it without arranging any settings.

Step 2. Backup Using Duplicator

Duplicator enables you to clone your WordPress site by making a reinforcement and afterward unloading it on another area.

How about we simply ahead and make a WordPress reinforcement bundle.

To start with, you have to visit the Duplicator » Packages page and tap on the ‘Make New’ catch at the best.

Cloning WordPress using Duplicator Plugin

This will start the Duplicator wizard where you have to tap on the following catch to proceed.

Cloning WordPress using Duplicator Plugin

Duplicator will now filter your site to check if everything is with the end goal to run the module. On the off chance that the module finds an issue, at that point you will see a notice here.

Cloning WordPress using Duplicator Plugin

In the event that everything is stamped great, at that point you canwell-orderedd and tap on the ‘Assemble’ catch to proceed. Duplicator will now reinforcement your WordPress database, pictures, layouts, modules, and every single other record in a solitary downloadable bundle.

Step 3. Preparing to Clone Your Site

When Duplicator has completed the reinforcement procedure, you will see a connection to download the document which contains reinforcement records and an installer content.

Preparing to Clone Your WordPress Site

You have to tap on the ‘A single tick Download’ connection to download the two documents to your PC.

Both of these documents are critical to appropriately clone your WordPress site on the new area.

Step 4. Upload Archive and Installer to the New Location

Since you have a total reinforcement of your site alongside the Duplicator installer document, the following stage is to transfer them to the new area.

This new area can be a live site, or a site on your neighborhood server. In the event that it is a site on your neighborhood server, at that point you simply need to reorder the documents into a subfolder inside your htdocs or www envelope, similar to this:


In the event that it is a live site on an alternate WordPress have, at that point you have to transfer these records to the root registry utilizing a FTP customer.

Regardless of where you are duplicating the records, you have to ensure that the organizer is totally vacant and has no different documents or envelopes inside it aside from installer.php record and your reinforcement compress document.

Upload Archive and Installer to the New Location

Step 5. Running The Import Script

Since every one of your documents are set up, you have to run the Duplicator installer content.

Just visit the new site in an internet browser and include installer.php toward the finish of the URL.

Bear in mind to supplant with your very own space name or the localhost address of your new site.

You will now observe the Duplicator installer content on the screen. It will naturally search for the reinforcement documents and fundamental arrangement settings. In the case of everything looks great, at that point simply ahead and check the terms and notification checkbox. From that point forward, you can tap on the following catch to proceed.

Running The Import Script

On the next screen, Duplicator will ask you to enter database information. This is the database you want to use for your new cloned WordPress site.

Running The Import Script

Keep in mind to tap on the ‘Test Database’ catch to ensure that the database data you entered is right.

From that point onward, tap on the following catch to proceed.

Duplicator will now import your database and records. Next, it will approach you to refresh settings for the new site.

Running The Import Script

It will consequently distinguish the progressions and fill in the URL, Path, and Title fields for you. You can simply tap on the ‘Following’ catch to proceed.

Duplicator will now complete the establishment, and you will see the administrator login catch. Tapping on it will take you to the new cloned site’s WordPress administrator territory.

Step 6. Test Your Cloned Site

You would now be able to simply ahead and test your cloned WordPress site. We suggest testing both the administrator region and front end of your site to ensure that every one of your information is there, and the site is filling in as expected.

On the off chance that you keep running over any issues, at that point investigate our guide on the most proficient method to settle regular WordPress blunders.

Step 7. Delete Temporary Files

When you are fulfilled that everything is transported in accurately, you can simply ahead and erase the establishment documents made by the Duplicator module.

On your cloned WordPress site, go to Duplicator » Tools page and afterward tap on ‘Expel Installation Files’ catch.

Delete Temporary Files

That’s it, you have successfully cloned a WordPress site.


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