WordPress Posts vs Pages


When it comes to making content for your WordPress site, you have the alternative to pick between making either a post or page. Both have their particular uses and can add extremely unique components to your site.

WordPress Posts vs Pages

A WordPress post is the thiathat makes up the blog part of your webpage.

These are for the most part news or educational updates about a specific subject or argument.

Posts are recorded backward sequential request and can be labeled, ordered and even chronicled on your site.

WordPress posts are what make up the RSS substance of your WordPress blog. Along these lines, when somebody buys in to your RSS channel, your posts will be the substance that is conveyed to them.

Think about the posts at the news part of your site. They’re dynamic and always showing signs of change the substance your end clients sees.

WordPress Pages are like posts in that they have a title and body content, however they are diverse in light of the fact that:

they are commonly held for static substance or data.

Instances of this would be an About Me or Contact Us page.

Pages are not recorded by date and can’t be classified or labeled like WordPress posts,

Pages can have a chain of importance, which implies you can settle pages under different pages by making one the “Parent” of alternate, in this way making a gathering of pages.

Because of their static nature, pages are excluded in RSS channels and won’t have date or time distributing

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